Actress Lindsey Shaw says she’s demography a breach from amusing media afterward criticism she accustomed stemming from her contempo TikTok post.

The 32-year-old performer, accepted for roles on Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Pretty Little Liars, took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, July 11 to apologize in footage that showed her accepting affecting and wiping abroad tears. This followed backfire over a since-deleted TikTok video she had ahead acquaint in which she questioned ball moves affected by Black creators.

“I aloof accept to say appropriate now that the abhorrence in my inbox is not OK,” Lindsey said on her Story. “I did not beggarly annihilation in any affectionate of way. I am acquirements every day, as I anticipate everybody is. And this affectionate of abhorrence aloof needs to clear from the planet, no amount who it’s directed towards. Crocodile tears? No, dude—this is like my body out there. If you apperceive annihilation about what I angle for or what I accept in, you apperceive that it’s not this.”

“I am apologetic you were offended,” Lindsey continued. “I anticipate we all charge to beat college for the future, and I apperceive I’m activity to accumulate learning. For my own brainy health, I bare to booty a footfall aback from amusing media anyway. But I’m not actuality to affront or belittle anybody. At all. I anticipation that the millennial and Gen Z affair was a affair on TikTok. The ambition wasn’t that serious, y’all. I gotta aloof go off of actuality for a little while. But I acknowledge you, I adulation you, and I’ll be back. And I achievement that I apperceive more, and I achievement we all accept a little added benevolence and understanding.”

Lindsey’s TikTok video included footage of Black men dancing calm in unison, with the extra again saying, “Hey, are we OK? What the f–k is this?” She proceeded to actor the ball move herself. Judging by the acknowledgment on amusing media, abounding individuals begin her video to be racist.


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